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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Big Move

This post is to announce the BIG MOVE that Quinn and I are making, returning to the farm in Louisburg, to pursue personal, educational and career growth opportunities. After about a year of discussion and contemplation, we have decided to go for it. A lot of changes are happening on the farm - dad transitioning crop and livestock operations from conventional to organic, mom expanding the organic market garden and incorporating biodynamics, sister establishing the family pumpkin farm business on the family farm - not to mention that most of the work I do with water quality efforts is taking place around the area. We want to be a part of it all! Quinn and I have our own interests - he wants to raise a few sheep for wool that he intends to dye, spin, knit and weave. He wants to cultivate a special garden with plants and trees to make his dyes. I want to help my mom with the garden expansion, start beekeeping, and keep working to heal/clean up our endangered rivers, streams and lakes.

It is with sadness that we leave this lovely community that has been a blissful home to us for the last seven years - dear friends and family, Prairie Moon, the Merc, downtown, our lovely little home... Louisburg is only one hour away from Lawrence, though, and we plan to make it back often. Everyone in Lawrence is welcome at the farm any time, for the afternoon or even a weekend! There is plenty for adults and children to experience during all seasons, and there is plenty of room.

We feel hope and excitement as we look forward to connecting with old friends and new in Louisburg. Anyone with a 10-year old boy (or girl) that enjoys skating, riding bikes and basketball should get in touch. Quinn will need friends to hang with, and so will I!
The purpose of the blog is to keep everyone updated on our progress - the farm's as a whole as well as the individuals in the family. Quinn will be homeschooling through at least next year. We plan to spend a great part of his 5th grade year travelling the US and abroad. I will post photos and other fun stuff here, including products we may be offering from the farm. Possibilities include: raw milk and dairy products, CSA shares, grass-fed beef, honey, bread, wool and more.

Please call me (913-709-9740) or e-mail ( if you ever want to get together!!!


Lesley and Quinn